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to Encourage Scholarships
by providing financial assistance to youth,
Promote Diversity in Law Enforcement through
Sponsored Training and Education Programs,
and Conduct Outreach Programs
in Partnership with the Community.


Alberto Velez

Jennifer Perez
Vice President

Samir Popal

Lilian Caparruva

Homero Almanzar
Sgt at Arms

Alfonso Colon
Juan Colon
Louis DeMondo

In September 1991 the Hispanic Law Enforcement Association of Union County was organized.  The 50 member unit was comprised of law enforcement throughout Union County and Northern New Jersey. Membership included community leaders who shared the values and goals of the Association.

Officer Juan Colon was appointed the first President of the HLEAUC in lieu of an election. April 1992 Officer Manuel Perez Jr. was elected President along with Sergeant John Vazquez as Vice President. At that time the mission of the HLEAUC was to promote diversity at the Elizabeth Police Department by fostering increased representation of Police Officers of Hispanic heritage.

Today the H.L.E.A.U.C. proudly supports several community civic projects, scholarship programs for high school students, police exam tutorial as well as social and cultural activities. Membership consist or active and retired members of various agencies from throughout Union County and State of NJ. The organization attributes their success to the dedication of all its members as well as the continued support all those who sponsor and support our various events throughout the year.

The Hispanic Law Enforcement Association of Union County (HLEAUC) recognizes the challenge to provide an incentive for aspiring criminal justice professionals of Hispanic heritage to become law enforcement and community leaders of the future. It is for this reason the HLEAUC Scholarship committee is an integral part of the mission of the HLEAUC. The goal of the committee is to develop educated, confident and caring leaders who share the values of and who contribute to excellence in the community. The Scholarship Committee is committed to developing young people who have an interest in law enforcement by supporting education through scholarship, by fostering interest in law enforcement through mentoring and by developing a sense of community through community -based service.


Juan Colón* 1991

Manuel Perez* - 1992-1994

Juan Guzmán, Jr. - 1995-1998

John Vazquez - 1999-2000

Tyrone Torner - 2001-2002

Ina (Perez) Silva - 2003-2004

Manuel Perez, Jr.* - 2005

Amilcar Colon - 2006-2007

Luis Garcia - 2008

Franklin Banos - 2009-2010

Joseph Carratala* - 2011-2012

Louis DeMondo - 2013-Present

* Founding Members

HLEAUC, Inc. Established in 1991
a 501(C) (3) Non Profit Organization (pending)